About the Artist

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I believe that when we are brought to our senses of whimsy and wonder, we become most open and receptive to our own personal, emotional, and spiritual insights.

Visual art is one of the most powerful ways of bringing a person into that sense. I am interested in using my art to explore notions of the inner realm, such as emotion, identity, and relationship with the self.

The most effective medium I’ve found for portraying these themes is stop-motion animation, a medium that allows me to create elaborate, fantastical worlds in which I can share stories.

Growing up in rural British Columbia, I was provided with an endless supply of artistic inspiration in the natural world around me. When I moved to Montreal to study visual art at Concordia I was provided with the tools to apply that artistic inspiration.

Now, having completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts, I am putting into practice all that I have learned as an artist. With the help of my distributor, the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (cfmdc.org) my work has been screened at over 80 film festivals around the world, and I have received 12 film awards.