About the Artist

I believe that when we are brought to our senses of whimsy and wonder, we become open to personal, emotional, and spiritual insights.

Visual art is one of the most powerful ways of bringing a person into that sense. I am interested in using my art to explore notions of the inner realm, such as emotion, identity, and relationship with the self.

Growing up on Northern Vancouver Island, I was provided with an endless supply of artistic inspiration in the natural world around me. When I moved to Montreal to study visual art at Concordia I was provided with the tools to apply that artistic inspiration.

 I am now putting into practice all that I have learned as an artist. Through painting, drawing, stop-motion animation, and now tattooing, I get to spend every day attempting to express the ineffable beauty that flows through the veins of this universe and all people. 


Sparrowland Short Film Festival (2021) – Human Spirit Award

New Cinema Film Festival (2020)- Honourable Mention in Best Animated Film

Vancouver Women in Film Festival (2020)- Matrix Award

Vancouver Short Film Festival (2020)- Underdog Award

Leo Awards, Vancouver (2018)- Best Animated Program

Leo Awards, Vancouver (2018)- Best Art Direction in an Animation

Golden Panda International Short Film Festival (2015)- Best Animated Film

Bloomington Pride, Indiana (2015)- Danielle McClellend Emerging Filmmaker Award

Translations Film Festival, Seattle (2015)- Best Short Narrative Audience Award

North Carolina Gay Lesbian Film Festival, North Carolina (2015)- Best Animated Trans Short Film

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2014)- Transgender Short Film Audience Award

Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage, Hamburg (2014)- URSULA Lesbian Shorts Award

ImageNation, Montreal (2014)- Audience Choice Award

ImageNation, Montreal (2013)- Audience Choice Award



Film Festivals

-ImageNation Montreal, Canada (2012,2013,2014)
-Quebec City Film Festival Quebec City, Canada (2013)
-Melbourne Queer Film Festival Melbourne, Australia (2013)
-Mezipatra Czech Republic (2013, 2014)
-Side by Side St Petersburg/Moscow /Tomsk, Russia(2013)
-MIX New York, U.S.A (2013,2014)
-Cliterature Kitchener, Canada(2014)
-Festival at the Sea New York, U.S.A /Bermuda (2014)
-CineSlam Vermont, U.S.A (2014)
-Out North Whitehorse, Canada (2014)
-TISFEST Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
-Fairytales Calgary, Canada(2014)
-Kashish Mumbai, India (2014)
-Film Out San Diego, U.S.A (2014)
-Out CT Connecticut, U.S.A (2014)
-Freiburg Lesbian Video & Film Fest Freiburg, Germany (2014)
-Rainbow Reels Waterloo, ON, Canada (2014)
-Frameline San Francisco, U.S.A (2014,2015)
-Qfest Houston, Tex, U.S.A (2014)
-OUTwest Santa Monica, U.S.A (2014)
-North Carolina Lesbian & Gay Film Festival North Carolina, U.S.A (2014)
-MIX Copenhagen, Denmark (2014)
-Scottish Queer International Film Festival Glasgow, Scotland (2014)
-Reel Q Pittsburgh, U.S.A (2014)
-Seattle LGBT Film Festival Seattle, U.S.A (2014)
-Pink Screens Brussels, Belgium (2014)
-Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, Germany (2014)
-Kommunales Kino Esslingen, Germany (2014,2015)
-Shorts on Tap London, England (2014)
-San Fran Trans Film Festival San Francisco, U.S.A (2014)
-Bloomington Pride Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A (2015)
-Reelout Kingston, Canada (2014)
-Dunlop Art Gallery Regina, Canada (2014)
-Amsterdam LGBT Film festival Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015)
-Syster Syster Festival Stockholm, Sweden (2015)
-Grenoble LGBT festival Vues d’en Face Grenobles, France (2015, 2016)
-Fairytales Film Festival Calgary & Jasper, Alberta (2015)
-DV8 LGBT film festival Vienna, Austria (2015)
-Inside Out Toronto, Canada (2015)

Wonderlust Festival Helsinki, Finland (2015)
-Translations Seattle, U.S.A (2015)
-Transcreen Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015)
-Rio LGBT Festival Rio, Brazil (2015)
-Queer City Cinema Regina, Canada (2015)
-North Carolina LGBT film festival North Carolina, U.S.A (2015)
-Paris Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival Paris, France (2015)
-Queerfilm Festival Bremen, Germany (2015)
-Perlen Film Festival Hanover, Germany (2015)
-Taiwan International Queer Film Festival Taipei, Taiwan (2015)
-South London Shorts London, England (2015)
-Fresno Reel Pride Fresno, CA, U.S.A (2015)
-Queersicht Film Festival Bern, Switzerland (2015)
-RollenWechsel Oldenberg, Germany (2015)
-Regent Park Film Festival Toronto, Canada (2015)
-Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival Milwaukee, U.S.A (2015)
-Tilde Trans Film Festival Melbourne, Australia (2015)
-Golden Panda International Short Film Festival Toronto, Canada (2015)
-Experimenta Bangalore, India (2015)
-Park Lounge II Werribee, Australia (2015)
-Écrans Mixtes Lyon, France (201)
-Dawson City International Short Film Fest Dawson, Canada (2016)
-Cellu l’Art Film Festival Jena, Germany (2016)
-Queer in Shorts Cambridge, UK (2016)
-Freiburg Gay Film Festival Freiburg, Germany (2016)
-Queer Noise @ Queer Arts Festival Vancouver, Canada (2016)
-Transform Cinema Festival Sheffield, England (2016)
-Equality Film Festival Ukraine(2016)
-Back_Up Film Festival Weimar, Germany (2017)
-Rendez-Vous with Madness: TUNNEL VISION Toronto, Canada (2017)
-TAF Thessaloniki Animation Film Festival Thessaloniki, Greece (2017)
-Cinema Crianza Galicia, Spain (2017)
-Cellu L’Art Short Film Festival Jena, Germany (2018)
-CMS International Children’s Film Festival Lucknow, India (2018)
-International Student Animation Festival of Brazil Rio, Brazil (2018)                                                                                                        –Out & Loud — Pune International Queer Film Festival Pune, India, (2018)                                                                                                –Vancouver Short film festival Vancouver, Canada (2019, 2020)
-Inshort Film Festival  Lagos, Nigeria, (2019)
-Winter Film Awards New York, USA (2019)
-Vancouver International Women in Film Festival  Vancouver, Canada (2019, 2020)
-Zebra Animation Friendly Festival Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (2019)
-Open World Animation Festival Allentown, PA, USA (2019)
86-Dumbo Film Festival Brooklyn, NY (2019)
-Quickdraw Animation Society Calgary, Canada (2019)
-Animafilm Baku Azerbaijan, 2019
-KINOdiseea Children’s Film Festival Bucharest, Romania (2019)
-SPARK Animation Festival Vancouver, Canada (2019)
-Manchester International Short Film and Animation Festival UK, (2019)
-Santiago Independent Film Awards Chile (2020)
-Routes to Roots Film Festival Norfolk, Canada (2020)
-Open World Animation Festival Allentown, U.S.A (2020)
-Tehran International Animation Festival Tehran, Iran (2020)